Season 1 Episode 15 August 24, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – On the show tonight, Robert and Ian tackle many subjects including the proposed Riverside Tunnel, mental health, saving Ojibway, and much more, including the ever popular In Memoriam segment of the show.

Segment 1: The Riverside Tunnel and the Auditor General.

Segment 2: An interview with 10 Friends Diner regarding mental health issues and employment.

Segment 3: Save Ojibway opposes the big box development in Windsor’s west side. An interview with Michelle Mainwaring.

Segment 4: Windsor’s St Alphonse church receives an historic plaque. An interview with Deputy Police Chief Vince Power.

Segment 5: Local companies putting Windsor on the map, a lack of trust for Windsor Council, and In Memoriam; Parks and playgrounds, Rent-A-Centre, and Monarch Mattress.