Season 1, Episode 16 August 31, 2015

Robert and Ian throw a mixture of issues at the microphone tonight as they talk about the new city hall in Windsor, saving Ojibway, the Riverside Bluesfest, and the ever popular In Memoriam, along with a whole lot more.

Segment 1: Breaking news regarding a hotel on the riverfront as well as the out-of-control costs of Windsor’s proposed new Taj Ma City Hall as compared to the renovations in Essex County.

Segment 2: The Save Ojibway group stage a demonstration in support of the proponents who are attempting to convince the OMB to reject a proposal for a big box development near a natural area. Ian interviews Lorena Garvey-Shepley, Ryan Campbell, and Renee Trepanier.

Segment 3: Ian talks to Michael McCann of the Canada South Blues Society during the Riverside Bluesfest.

Segment 4: New laws surrounding the Robo-Calls issue. Robert speaks to Manon Bombardier of the CRTC.

Segment 5: Falun Gong enthusiasts take to the riverfront and participate in the banned marshal art. Robert speaks to Jing Ling Lye.

Segment 6: In Memoriam: Auto 21 and on-street parking.