Season 1 Episode 18 September 14, 2015

Tonight, Robert and Ian discuss a couple of rumours about Eddie Francis and large garbage item pick-up, then they delve into the Taj Ma City Hall planned for Windsor, followed by an interview with the Pie Man, Bob Nagy. All that plus Mike Morencie of AKO Fratmen football, the Town of Ancaster, a minor FINA swimming event with a major price tag, and theĀ ever popular In Memorium.

Segment 1: Is it possible that the failed former mayor of Windsor, Eddie Francis, will take over at the City’s energy distributor, EnWin?

Segment 2: Or, is it possible that Francis will wind up running Windsor’s bid for the Olympic Games?


Segment 3: What can Windsor learn from Essex, if those in charge were capable of learning.

Segment 4: An interview with Pie Man Bob Nagy and a discussion about moving the library from Brock Public School and into the old fire hall on Mill Street.

Segment 5: Why does Windsor continually rip down heritage buildings when other locales, like Ancaster, ON, celebrate their histories?


Segment 6: AKO Fratmen owner Mike Morencie is none too pleased that the Grand River club forfeited a recent game in Windsor. Hear what he had to say about the decision and what he wants to happen in the future.

Segment 7: How the city of Montreal put bums in the seats for the FINA World Championships. Hint: It cost taxpayers dearly. Is this what we have to look forward to in Windsor?

Segment 8: In Memoriam: Club Alouette is closing and Canada South Science Centre is moving to Essex County.