Season 1 Episode 19 September 28, 2015

On tonight’s show, Robert, Ian, and Gabe spend most of the time discussing different aspects of an Auditor General and how the position is viewed by City Council and Windsor’s administrators.

Segment 1: Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Segment 2: There seems to be some movement on┬áthe Auditor General’s position at the City. What is really going on?

Segment 3: What is behind the CBC’s revisionist history regarding the previous Auditor General debate in Windsor? How would an AG help rein in the wild spending at City Hall?

Segment 4: Former councilor for Ward 10, Al Maghnieh, weighs in on the AG issue and tweets about current councilor Paul Borrelli’s lack of action on the issue. Borrelli is moving glacially on the AG after campaigning on bring the position back, but is Maghnie being fair?

Segment 5: What exactly does an AG do and what can one do for Windsor? And how does an AG become involved with bed bugs and the infrastructure deficit in Windsor? Find out here.

Segment 6: In Memoriam: Matryushka Restaurant, Tattoo’s and Piercings, grocery store, ExecuCentre, YMCA, Kilt and Fiddle, and many more businesses are closing or already gone from the downtown.