Season 1 Episode 20, October 5, 2015

An election special show tonight. Robert and Ian are joined by Gabe Maggio and the three of them take a call from municipal election expert Matt Ford. In light of the issues with the federal election voter cards, the four discuss the ramifications of inaccurate voter lists and notifications.

Segment 1: Municipal election expert Matt Ford is grilled about voter card inaccuracy and the effects it can have on election turnout and spending.

Segment 2: Ford continues the discussion as it turns to rectifying the inaccuracies prior to the election and compares the situation to the 2014 municipal election in Windsor.

Segment 3: How does identifying electors play a part in election spending? Ford discloses the issues in Windsor and highlights the problems with over- and under-estimating the number of voters.

Segment 4: Wrapping up, Ford warns us about the future voting methods being considered by the City of Windsor.

Segment 5: In Memoriam: InstaLoan, Emerald Nails and Gifts, and The Loop. The discussion then switches to what’s happening in Detroit and why Windsor’s employment of a Central Planning method for retail is discouraging investment in the city.