Season 1 Episode 21, October 12, 2015

A jammed packed show tonight as Robert and Ian talk about a myriad of issues facing Windsor.

Segment 1: Why is Windsor considering a Central Economic Planning policy for retail outlets? In reality, retailers are avoiding an unwelcoming Windsor because of this kind of thinking, which leads to a higher cost of living for residents.

Segment 2: A discussion with Robin Young and her mother Pearl with regards to medical treatment for veterans and the closing of the Veterans Affairs office in Windsor.

Segment 3: Were attack ads from the Conservatives describing Trudeau’s promises to reduce the TSFA limits and cut income splitting accurate? You’d never know if you waited for an answer from Liberal Windsor West candidate Dave Sundin.

Segment 4: How not to run a fire drill. Drew Dilkens has to trick city employees to listen to him by staging a fake fire drill that wasted over 250 work hours.

Segment 5: Some thoughts regarding the Federal Election.

Segment 6: The City of Windsor considers hiring a sports guru. Is it any wonder the County of Essex has started to shy away from partnering with Windsor when you consider the upcoming one week long $21 million FINA swim meet?

Segment 7: Sales is not the same thing as marketing. Frank Vizgatis advocates for a post-secondary degree in sales.

Segment 8: The orchestration of the farce otherwise known as a Ward meeting. In Memoriam takes a look at some of the churches that have closed down in Windsor.