Season 1 Episode 22, October 19, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – A full plate tonight as Ian and Robert touch on a number of topics including the sudden ubiquitous appearance of Windsor CAO Helga Reidel, the handling of the bridge debris, the lack of oversight by Windsor Council, the FINA swimming meet expenditures, and a look at Cyber Security and children’s eye care.

Segment 1: How Helga Reidel authorized a $200,000+ agreement with an Australian firm without Council approval.

Segment 2: Why did Windsor employ public resources, at great expense, when some gravel from the Ambassador Bridge was found on some west-side streets?

Segment 3: October is National Cyber Security month and TBW has some important points from specialist Doug Johnson. Also, don’t be a victim of fraud.

Segment 4: October is also Children’s Vision month and TBW spoke to optometrist Jessica Ng.

Segment 5: Windsor drops to #4 for cities with pampered pets. Are our pets a victim of the persistent unemployment rate?

Segment 6: Helga Reidel, again. This time she has entered into a non-disclosure agreement with Canada Post, and it appears as if she back dated the agreement to the date of the 2014 municipal election. Did Windsor Council know about this? And how can the two public corporations agree to circumvent legislation?

Segment 7: What will the Auditor General report to council say? Will Drew Dilkens abdicate his responsibility?

Segment 8: In Memoriam: We say goodbye to Hair Designs on Huron Church Road. Plus, some businesses are just renovating, and not closing just yet.