Season 1 Episode 23, October 26, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – Live from the CJAM 99.1FM studios on the campus of the University of Windsor, Robert and Ian tackle the issues of the day including how Windsor could afford an Auditor General, the anti-Windsor actions of mayor Drew Dilkens and some of Windsor Council, some of the health issues facing the area, and the always popular In Memoriam segment. All that and an interview with Canada’s very own Carole Pope.

Segment 1: How long can Windsor fund an Auditor General office if they redirected the $21 million funding ear-marked for the FINA short swim meet? It would also buy a lot of lunches for Helga Riedel.

Segment 2: Some on Council, including Drew Dilkens, are doing things without the best interest of residents at the forefront of reasoning. Some thoughts on the 20-year plan. And, looking on the bright side of Jo-Anne Gignac’s defeat in the federal election.

Segment 3: Learn where Windsor and the Erie St Clair LHIN ranks compared to other areas of the country. Does it have anything to do with Windsor pulling the funding for a doctor recruiter?

Segment 4: Ian had an opportunity to sit down with Carole Pope prior to her gig at the Dominion House. Learn what is new for the former member of Rough Trade.

Segment 5: In Memoriam: We have lost the Happy Days Diner, K+A Convenience, the Party Warehouse, and the Croatian Centre.