Season 1 Episode 24, November 2, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – This evening marks pledge drive week for CJAM 99.1 FM. Robert and Ian bring you all the expected news and opinion from Windsor as well as the pledge segments. All content that the traditional media can’t or refuse to provide.

Segment 1: We find out that the City of Windsor rejected hiring an Auditor General but chose to bring on a sports guru.

Segment 2: As the civil service in Windsor embarks on an award night to honour themselves, Ian dishes up the news about Lunch with Helga, the CAO of Windsor. Plus, if you want real ice at Charles Clark Square, you should start a fundraiser.

Segment 3: Will a giant flag at the river front achieve anything? Toronto got more traction during the Pan-Am Games from the large Toronto sign and their dead raccoon.

Segment 4: Listen again as Best of TBW revisits the voter list and election spending irregularities from the past municipal election.

Segment 5: In Memoriam: Is the Teutonia Club on its way out? And why are social clubs  seeing a decline in business?