Season 1 Episode 25, November 9, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – Ian and Robert are joined by Gabe and the trio discuss the funding announcement for new schools in the area and what that means for the downtown, the new parking scheme for city employees, the utter lack of knowledge amongst students about the Second World War, the plan to outsource caretaking jobs at the city, and a whole lot more.

Segment 1: There is no provincial funding for the proposed new Catholic Central High School in downtown Windsor. The City proposes to administer a points-based parking scheme designed to allocate parking space for city employees. Who gets the naming rights at the east end pool?

Segment 2: What do students know about the Second Word War and where did Canada get all those tulips?

Segment 3: The City of Windsor is recommending that Council outsource the caretaking positions at the city, but all the numbers haven’t been provided. The numbers are also being left out of the estimates for the new Taj Ma City Hall. And the boys dive into FINA swimming.

Segment 4: The costs are adding up for the new city hall while the City wants to hire a sports guru. But what happened to Peter Knowles?

Segment 5: The financial woes of the traditional media and what that means to news gathering, fact checking, and potential layoffs. Also, the County of Essex is proposing a joint Auditor General being shared with the City. Find out why Drew Dilkens doesn’t want that to happen.

Segment 6: Canadian veterans can’t find a job. Doug Briscoe places the onus on the private sector.