Season 1 Episode 26, November 16, 2015

Executive Suites has moved out of the Pelissier Parking Structure, in downtown Windsor.

(WINDSOR, ON) – Tonight, Ian and Robert delve into a myriad of topics including the property tax boogie man, outsourcing Windsor’s Administration, getting on a bike in Windsor, presenting to Council, the failure of the Tokyo swim meet, and In Memoriam.

Segment 1: Windsor’s tax increase shell game. Where’s the increase? Under which shell do you look? It all depends who wants the expenditure.

Segment 2: Leamington is hiring. Robert speaks to Kevin Doughtery about a survey that shows Canadians think companies should be looking after their employees.

Segment 3: The Cycling Committee goes in front of Windsor Council and finds out why the City can’t do the right thing. There is no discussion about how to get things done.

Segment 4: Have you heard about the Five Minute Rule for delegations going in front of Windsor Council?

Segment 5: Windsor residents get some insight from Craig Lord of Swim Vortex regarding the Tokyo swim meet that failed miserably to live up to expectations. Is the same in store for Windsor?

Segment 6: In Memoriam: ARS Stereo and Allison’s Travel are no more. Drew Dilkens wants to do the same with the office space at the Pelissier parking garage.