Season 1 Episode 27, November 23, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – A full show tonight as Robert and Ian talk about Africa, that’s right, property taxes, a few times, and Thanksgiving travel.

Segment 1: Two members of the University of Windsor club, Young African Union, join Ian and Robert in studio to promote their November 25 event at the CAW Centre.

Segment 2: Jean Medina discusses traveling at Thanksgiving and the airline industry.

Segment 3: Windsor residents can look forward to their property taxes rising for at least the 8th straight year as new taxes are coming from City Council in the form of levies.

Segment 4: Windsor the Political Wasteland and other Drew Dilkens-isms.

Segment 5: The election budget promises from Drew Dilkens didn’t include the now-promised mega-hospital levy. Word from the CD Howe Institute says Ontarians, including Windsorites, are over-taxed to the tune of $14 Billion.

Segment 6: If the St Denis vote is unsuccessful, maybe the University of Windsor can take the white elephant Adventure Bay off the hands of Windsor taxpayers.

Segment 7: There is no tax freeze in Windsor. There never has been. And we certainly haven’t seen 8 straight years of tax freezes. It’s all been a lie.