Season 1 Episode 30, December 14, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – By-passing Windsor and heading straight for a park, Robert and Ian bring you the local stories that traditional media wouldn’t dare.

Segment 1: In the local paper, Bill Anderson and Laurie Tannus describe the Herb Grey Parkway as the Windsor By-Pass. They don’t mention the ramifications for Windsor that encouraging traffic past the City will have on local business.

Segment 2: Robert speaks to the owner of Linda’s Pet Depot and finds out that Windsor is ranked No. 1 for pampered pets.

Segment 3: Letting children be children. How Park’s manager Mike Clements wants to close more of the City’s parks, this time citing safety concerns. He doesn’t tell you how closing parks will negatively affect your property values, but Ian and Robert do.

Segment 4: Facebook foibles and how the local media promote certain councilors’ private businesses.

Segment 5: In Memoriam: Dancing Jack’s, Paparossi’s, and World Market are going the way of the dodo.