Season 1 Episode 31, December 21, 2015

(WINDSOR, ON) – The pre-Christmas special from Robert and Ian dives into the FINA swim meet, the fight to save Atkinson Pool, the sneaky goings-on at City Council, and a whole lot more.

Segment 1: Windsor councilor Rino Bortolin found himself in a conflict of interest position as a member of the TWEPI board and a nominee for a TWEPI award for favourite chef, despite not being a chef, at all.

Segment 2: At the last second, a request for Windsor to commit to $200 million in infrastructure spending for the new hospital was snuck onto the Council agenda during the meeting to discuss the proposed 2016 budget. Plus, there were many restrictions placed on what could be discussed and what couldn’t.

Segment 3: Ward 2 councilor John Elliott fights to save Atkinson Pool from the City’s wrecking ball.

Segment 4: All Roads Lad To Detroit and Paul Sabbatini talks about the all new North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Segment 5: Veterinarian Dr Joe Gornarndi returns from the North Pole to certify that all of Santa’s reindeer are ready for their flight around the world. And that flight will be tracked by the North American Aerospace Command in Colorado.

Segment 6: There are a number of wild predictions concerning the number of people who will be watching the event. Robert and Ian compare the numbers to the ratings for higher profile competitions. Plus, two host cities have dropped out of their commitment to FINA in 2016.

Segment 7: Is Helga Reidel qualified to take over Windsor’s energy distributor, EnWin?

Segment 8: The S’Aints perform a cover of the Kinks’ Father Christmas.