Season 2 Episode 1, January 4, 2016

(WINDSOR, ON) – Robert and Ian bring the Ojibway issue to the airwaves, talk about the low Canadian dollar and the cost implications for Windsor, have a look at Nuk, and a whole lot more.

Segment 1: A demonstration was held at City Hall in support of saving the Ojibway Prairie Complex from big box development. Ian spoke to Nelson Ng, Nicole Mancione, Mark Bartlett, Nancy Pancheshan, and Michelle Mainwaring.

Segment 2: With a lower Canadian dollar, the costs of staging the FINA swim meet increase as well as the cost of a new government-owned bridge. That means higher taxes for Canadians and Windsorites.

Segment 3: In Memoriam: The ABC Motel is the latest casualty, bringing the lost rooms in Windsor to 463 in the past 15 years. Windsor is also losing employment lands.

Segment 4: LaSalle’s Ken Antaya is hitching his wagon to a shrinking Windsor.

Segment 5: Matt Quitlan describes Nuk, Greenland, and why it should be one everyone’s travel itinerary. Also, 2015 search engine searches.